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getting things done.
i'm pretty handy with electronics and basic wiring. i built my own theremin for hobgobblins sake. years of djing in odd locations with even odder ' systems' and often downright dangerous electrics teaches you a thing or two however why do i feel the need to quit work and get an engineering degree in order to hook up a home theatre receiver to my tv? the thing has been sitting on the shelf( at least near the tv and not still in the box- a pretty major advancement when it transpired) for almost a year. i hooked up the speakers a long time ago but my mind melted down about 1 minute into reading the 100 different wiring options proposed by the manuals for the 5 items that need to be hooked up to the receiver.

up all night i decided it was time, sunday, to get it done. it's taken 2 days but i think finally it may be as it should. it's scary to the cats because sound comes from 5 different places in the room-which is reason alone to have completed the hook up. got to keep them on their toes or they'll continue to oppress me.

i have to make 1,000 pumpkin pies. i need a haircut and a new pair of glasses.

and it's easier to forgive dead people than living ones.