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lemon rind and green eyes
boston rock girls who hate me. i worked with judy grunewald after salem 66 broke up and she absolutely hated me.i was never sure why- because i barely interacted with her. perhaps she thought i was a demented club kid who smelt of special k, poppers and the sticky gross floor of the dj booth at sporters. ok, that may have been sort of true but it meant that she was so off putting i never got to tell her how much i loved her music. long before the rrriot grrrrrlies twirlies and the pacific northwest as having any musical interest there was salem 66 and judy judy judy.

green is a great goth song. fly my bats, fly! throwing muses at the rocket in da day:

i lived across the street from thalia zedek for years. my friend berlin was madly in love with her. thalia was infamous for saying, after the end of the all girls dangerous birds, that she didn't like playing music with women because they didn't play hard enough. internalized misogyny is the drug of a nation.

dangerous birds( with laurie green. whatever the hell happened to laurie green who was all over the boston scene at a certain point? she did a great cover of a ' town without pity' with lou miami.)- smile on your face

here she is being not so very hard. but we're all older now, aren't we though? this song was originally by allston diy band V; ,the lead singer of which, susan anway, went on to sing on the early magnetic fields albums. i always liked susan's voice. V;'s entire out put is available on itunes. i think it's worth having.( V;, "you're a weapon"). thalia covers "1926":

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There are still many female artists out there, but sadly, people tend to ignore us now.

like with all musicians the main of the culture focuses on all the wrong people. sadly commercial success seems to more and more not have much to do with whether one is talented or not.
i always thought the whole game was harder on women maybe out of spite- part of the misogyny that saturates our society. i still remember when i was in high school and going to see bands in boston and hearing asshole men talking about bands that had female musicians( distinct from ' just' female singers) in them as if they were describing talking monkeys or dogs who could walk upright on their hind legs. this was the late 70s early 80s-just about the best time in boston for music. such bullshit. it always pissed me off. musical cycles in rock based music tend to always swing back to cock rock sooner than later.

although it seems young girls are more encouraged to play the traditional electric rock instruments i still do not see any upswing in the number of popular, signed bands that are female led. like you dont see so many black bands that arent rap or funk or jazz. we need more black female death metal bands as far as i'm concerned. but people who step out of the color bounds or the gender bounds ( women do lilith faire and drink herbal tea and sing about love only...and black girls only sing rhythm and blues unless theyre doing a cameo on some male rapper's song)are always punished and ultimately shunted aside.

imani coppola is half white and half black and actually plays the violin. she committed genre-cide early on and got tossed aside even though she's immensely talented. ' black' women arent suppose to sing rock songs and rap like this. it's fucking sick.
legend of a cowgirl

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