mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" refrigeration keeps you young i'm told"

over 50 and she's still about a million times hotter than scary skank whore madonna/skeletor. siouxsie does nancy sinatra. if you recall it was also the last song played at mangay. and she's actually fucking singing- imagine that....

while we're at it: siouxsie phrases, admittedly, like this guy- billy mckenzie of the associates. pretty much the archetype of the male 80s voice. he committed suicide in in 1997. the cure song 'cut here' is about his death.

which reminds me that i've been listening to ABC's ultimate album of the 80s-the Lexicon of Love a lot lately:
" i know democracy but i know what's fascist". they were originally an early industrial band called vice versa and home boys of cabaret voltaire.

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