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whites off the earth... NOW

everytime i think i can actually like other humans some ignorant cracker opens their goddamn mouth- i mean usually it's some ignorant white blow hard whining about how hard it is for them because of the assorted DARKIES . telling me to shut up about blacks and jews and other assorted niggers that get more press than whitey mccambridge and his difficulties with reverse discrimination or getting his SAAB out of a snow bank.

i guess i should have known because of the type of music i generally dance to that i would get a full force Titanic raft of this cretinous shit. sometimes i think gays will understand- i mean theyre discriminated against too- but no it's just as much of a biased honky fest.

sometimes i think women will understand -particularly lesbians- but that's delusional- like with everyone else it's "me me me- i'm the only one who's discriminated against.. and everyone else but me is a whiner and eats too much fried chicken to shop in my store".

" i see white people..."

yes bitch and im stealing their hubcaps after i take their women.

i'm deluded by no means- my landlord has an uncle that's always slapping him with how he's not black enough because his mom was white. anyone can be racist- it's true that the worst ethnic violence in the world right now is happening in africa. liberia was founded by freed american slaves yet the butchery goes on- but i just cannot deal with people who feel safe in their prejudices just because they feel they've been treated unfairly so they have some god given right to piss all over other people and act out their southern gentile we's good to our niggers they's just uppity condescending bullshit.

and the jews don't like it either- not one fucking bit- it took the roman catholic church 100s of years to apologize for the unchristlike persecution of the jews from the church's beginnings through the holocaust. uh - no thanks , you senile dottering polish jew hater- fuck off, old man... i want that fucking pope mobile when you kick....if ,that is, youre not already as dead as you look-i know all about your anglo teutonic slavic conspiracies-when are you going to apologize to the witches? to the women? to the Albigensians?

let me tell you- schickster- jews are not going to shut up- you act like the holocaust was a picnic 10,000 years ago wherein a couple of clumsy jews accidentally drowned in a scenic lake at the summer Wagnerfest in some volk resort .opps. certainly no one pushed them!

it wasnt that long ago and if im standing in nyc by the curb with a black man i assure you we arent going to be getting a cab.

black people ask me - how can you live in THAT bar- even though no one there has ever been disrespectful to me and i know if i needed help- they'd be there just as id do for them.

we're all so fucked up. here and now i have no hope. sick of it all. what happened to being judged by the content of your character rather than by your religion or the colour of your skin or the length of your nose? why do you have to know my gender, my bloodline before you can afford me any respect?

why are goths almost entirely white- is it because they intrinsically have no rhythm and no soul and are more adapted to flailing artlessly around to the same stagnant beat?
( oh my god that was sooo racist against whites boo hoo hoo...fuck you)

siouxsie does a cover of the penultimate song commenting on slavery in the USA- Strange Fruit- a song written by a jewish school teacher and sung by billie holiday- and her fans wallow in a smug self-serving cloud of noxious gas about the songs meaning- about it's implications TO THIS DAY for black americans and those of us who are related to them.

i think affirmative action is racist. i think most american blacks are better off here ( economically)than in most african countries but for the life of me i cannot cotton making even petty judgements about people before they open their mouths, before they act just based on their pigmentation. i think youre blind if you do not see that this still happens even in this most sane, least violent of melting pots. i dont see where mentioning it is a sin. i don't see where talking about the holocaust and white power fanaticism is out of line as tattooed camp survivors still walk the earth and companies that exploited their labour still exist and are only just paying them back.

why is justice seen by crackers as pseudointellectual blathering? what the fuck is wrong with justice you jaded smug worms? justice is accorded in this mortal coil to those who have the power- the rest of us are just out of luck- save in dreamtime where black flag kills ants and dries up worms.

karma chameleon baby- my kabbalistic sufi indoeuropean mojo burns things to the ground- it's proto voodoo from the beginning of the world- it slices things down to size, like a firey laser at the plastic surgeon, and builds bricks with the dust and sizzling fat.

" their dreams sprout wings and fly..
i set the fires while the city sleeps"

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