mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

persia mohammad persia

it's so hard to find things to say about persia because she meant so much to me that the thought of her emotionally chokes me up. she always seemed to have the most profound impact on people- she was a very very special cat. she was my familiar. she belonged to a roommate of mine but i always knew we were meant to be together- i always felt so attached and drawn to her.

persia just may have been about 'Co's age when she passed. the two of them just about held me together for the best part of the last 15 years . and while i always felt as if 'co was my kitten i definitely was always aware that to persia i was the kitten. she was the mother to all my other cats too- taking care of us all and making sure we were safe. without persia, alice and harriot brown would have remained near feral. i guess without her i would have remained near feral too. persia's greatest gift was her deep love and ability to open the closed heart. it was the purity of her love that allowed me to remain in the world with hope when everything seemed to fall to dust, despair, and emptiness. i truly feel for having persia in my life i became a better more spiritually advanced and nicer person.

persia mohammad persia, formerly known as fabian, passed feb. 10, 2007 after a short illness. she was one of the most lovely beings , invested with a positive and spiritually healing energy she graciously and unselfishly shared with us all. found pregnant by a dumpster in LA, rescued from a cardboard box in boston, she was proof of the awesome power of love to save us from ourselves and the hard and sharp edges of an all too often sad and mean world. i may have saved her and her daughter from that cardboard box so many years ago but in the end i know she's the one who saved me. thank you persia. you're in my heart every second of every day.

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