mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

my electronic day of the dead altar starts here:

Co came into my life when i was walking home late one night. she was on the sidewalk next to some trash when i bent down to see if i could pet her. she jumped onto my shoulder so i took her home. she was the first cat who was mine alone- instead of a family pet or one chosen by someone else. really, she chose me. we were together for over 20 years and at times it seemed as if she was my one constant in life. brimming with classic tortietude/ calico crazies, she was sweet as can be with me. i was her person and glad of it.

'Co passed good friday of 2006, in her home of the complications of old age. thank you 'co for your love and that fierce devotion and loyalty i have come to associate with the calico and tortie sisters.i am hoping now you are as i will always remember you- brimming with kittenish energy, running about like a happy, quirky nut- my little court jester with her black ear and orange ear.
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