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"learn to vote without thinking/ vague" or triumph des willens

it's more than appropriate to stop my epic retelling of the crusade against the albigensians( ie cathars) and its relationship to musician as vehicle for useful information and spiritual meaning to review Madonna at the garden thursday night. but not a concert review- this is most certainly not a concert/ music review because the madonna hard candy tour does not contain music- in fact there was no music played at all. it was pop mind control in the service of a specific social/ political agenda. hitler did much the same at nuremberg although of course without the attendant advanced technological wonders of fancy large mega pixel splitting screens and painfully loud complex sound systems and seizure inducing light shows. this is of course because his primary visual propagandist, also a woman, leni riefenstahl ,was an artist and a profoundly influential if Nazi one. madonna is a vast empty void assuming whatever persona will garner her the most cash and attention. she's not an artist. she's clearly not even a singer to the point of lip singing all her concerts and, now, with the added thrill of playing air guitar. she's a capitalist whoremonger, no different than walmart or a so called evil oil company and just as exploitative.

after all, you tool, you paid over 300 bucks in some cases to watch a 50 plus year old tart who looks like Skeletor with a face gouged with a surgeon's knife to the point of resembling a nut cracker lip sink relatively shallow crappy derivative pop songs some man wrote/produced- all accompanied by the same basic thudding repetitious beat. and, yes, i know the lights and pictures were pretty, weren't they? stunned sheep sat enthralled watching not particularly fabulous choreography and fatuous images of chessboards and metaphorically over wrought falling water while Herself took a break after 3 songs. while she napped or douched we watched some apparently symbolic boxing match between dancers who definitely fought like girls. all in service to the fact that she has never had fucking point or a clue of her own. it was as if she was promoting a brand of canned pumpkin or a type of cell phone ( blackberry by the way). here's some pretty uniforms and shiny happy nazi faces of real warriors with a concrete well thought out point :' triumph des willens', with subtitles. this is what real propaganda as art, not the ham handed obama fist fuckathon that is Hard Candy, looks like. see all the hot aryan chicks licking their lips, panting to meet Der Sexy Bitch Fürer. just like horny virgins, touched for the very first time:

of course, i didn't pay to go see this train wreck of mind control, multicultural pandering and 'blond' woman champion of the black man as messiah/god/ savior of the entire fucking bloody world. it was free so i went even though i have a certain loathing of large concert venues and large gatherings of fan-atics of anything. as a dj, i played her music and people really enjoyed it. never before has a pop ' singer' used surface phenomenon entirely to create a career in music so successfully. a calculated rebel in an industry in which you almost have to at least pretend to be a rebel a la 1960's hippie cultural values( the well spring of post viet nam rock n roll achievement and unit sales) with no singing skills , selling on image alone with no accompanying talents save the one of self promotion. the longevity of her career has more to do with changing make up and clothing and heartlessly, lovelessly using everyone in her path rather than any true evolution in terms of vision and artistic development.her most beloved songs- clearly from her post-" "everybody" stage of 'like a virgin' through 'ray of light' is best seen not as the greatest hits of a woman called madonna but the greatest hits of a males named stephen bray, william orbit and patrick leonard. her voice has been manipulated and processed excessively since her beginnings and her beats stolen en masse from far more innovative dance acts. having no real voice of her own except a cut throat survival instinct she has used her body and person as a whore- to sell wares. that's not liberation. that's conformity to the standard acceptable default position of the female- a slut conforming to every cliche of male desire and female desirability. it's enslavement that bespeaks itself as liberation- the female version of uncle tom. if you act like a horned up fuck hole all the time and are proud of it you have power and are a liberated woman. it's doubleplus good. like money is evil and obama should take it away from you, the working and middle class, but the phenomenally wealthy like madonna are good because they're sucking him off even though they're not taking your money and distributing it to the poor, but, rather, pouring it like wine into their own coffers. doubleplus good. if average women of average and below average means acted like madonna, they would not have the wealth, privilege and protection that allows one to act out on such a grand and public level with no personal harmful repercussions which is why real prostitutes more often than not become drug numbed victims of their supposed sexual ' freedom' of bartering their bodies and dignities for filthy lucre.

when women would go on and on about how powerful and important madonna was to them( trust me- as a dj i had these conversations with women more times than i care to recall especially when i would insist on playing danielle dax or siouxsie sioux over madonna's sappy odes to keeping her baby and getting toe fucked by statues of jesus), i used to always point out siouxsie sioux as someone who actually was a genuine example of a thoughtful, evolved voice against male supremacy and female devaluation. i was always laughed at for it. siouxsie isn't as wealthy nor as well known as madonna because unlike madonna she's not a puppet of the patriarchy masquerading as a liberated, dominant female. siouxsie isn't on madonna's plane of wealth and popularity BECAUSE she doesn't replicate the sad trite canon of female deprecating and disempowering cultural norms. madonna is only as famous and ' successful' as she is because she's neither a rebel nor a feminist. she's a cock puppet and a rather pathetic scary looking one at that now.

i don't think it's any surprise madonna's career spanning spins of the religious roulette wheel always land on some male identified oppressive god ideology- like christianity and kabbalah- judeochristian ( islam is a direct rip off of the 2- a plagiarism of plagiarists) beliefs being the base of all forms of social oppression. here's danielle dax's fantastic critique of male religion ' big hollow man' and siouxsie's scathing evocative personal rumination on islam, ' swimming horses'. please compare to madonna's heavily s/m christian spew like ' like a prayer'.

madonna thinks ' express yourself' is about obama because we should want him to be elected so he can "express himself" ( paraphrased from her comments on stage thursday night). funny, Material Ghoul, i thought that the president in a democracy was suppose to express the will of the people not Himself. that would be electing a king or demigod a la a theocracy. if one wonders why obama seems unable to ' express' anything about his true beliefs perhaps one should wonder if that's not because what he really believes and what he really has aligned himself with in the past ( cop murdering hippie violent scumbag ayers, black nationalism which makes of black males alone god-, nation of islam- members of which work for him and is one of the most vocally antisemitic organizations in the US) is racist, stalinist and in direct contradiction to the people having a will or the rights of the constitution as written. he's the big hollow man." liberty's daughter/ well primed for the slaughter/ a space were her brain had been" could very well describe the legions of Manson Girls like madonna for obama's unarticulated Change.

the pastor of the church that obama only recently removed himself from was once in the nation of islam, an antisemetic antifemale racist organization with fairly extensive documentation to support the ' name calling'. most christians theologians of about any ilk from the Pope to snake handlers do not recognize black liberation theology as genuinely christian as christ as personal saviour is not the focus of the preachifying. the kkk is no less racist than the faux human male serving ' theology' of black nationalism. if christ doesn't conform to the will of the african human male, as stated by rev wright, then we have to fucking toss the bitch out , kick him to the curb. if obama sat in wright's church for 20 years, as he did, and did not get the gist of wright's message he's either a complete mental moron incapable of working the fry station at a mickey ds or he's an egregious reprehensible liar. the man went to harvard- you figure it out yourself.

for friend of islam obama here's siouxsie's critique of female sexual slavery under islam and an explanation of the songs meaning because it uses far more sophisticated imagery than madonna and her writer hacks could ever conjure. siouxsie's light years ahead of madonna in terms of intelligence and frankly the sexy. i'd rather look at siouxsie in a sack cloth over madonna with her tits and minge out.

(Originally released March 1984. Appeared on the "Hyena" album)
"This is based on a programme I saw about a female version of Amnesty, called 'Les Sentinelle'," reveals Siouxsie. "They rescue women who are trapped in certain religious climates in the Middle East, religions that view any kind of pre-martial sexual aspersions as punishable by death --- either by the hand of the eldest brother in the family, or by public stoning.

"And there was this instance of a woman whose daughter had developed a tumour, and, of course, gossip abounded that she was pregnant. The doctor who removed the tumour allowed her to take it back to the village to prove that, no, it wasn't a baby --- but they wouldn't believe her. The woman knew her daughter would have to be stoned to death so she poisoned her, out of kindness, to save her from a worse fate.

"Now this organisation has all these escape routes for women like her, mainly through the elder brother who pretends to have killed them. But, once they've been saved, they can never go back.

"So the song starts, 'Kinder than with poison...' I also used the imagery of, 'He gives birth to swimming horses', from the fact that male sea horses give birth to the children, so they're the only species that have a maternal feel for the young. It was, I suppose, an abstract way of linking it all together without being sensationalist. I remember just being really moved by that programme, and wanting to get the sorrow out of me."]

why has this post rambled on and on about obama and politics one might well ask all annoyed and pissy? because madonna's concert rambled on and on from self glorification of a dried up haggy no talent has been to tokenism in service to what in the end was male left wing propagandizing and black mau mauing of guilty deluded honkies . the whole point of the ' concert' was to promote barack obama's presidential campaign using all the actual text book tools of brainwashing and subliminal thought planting. the chinese couldn't have come up with better- she was 2 seconds from attaching electrodes to all our tits and trust me more than half the crowd would have gleefully submitted to having their nipples ripped off by this aged troll so besotted were they with her save the few who dared to boo her for her shameless pandering and insistence that we vote for who she wants or we're nazis and baby killers. the idea that someone so bereft of original musical ideas and lacking song content more sophisticated than' let's party and fuck' had any superior intelligent political commentary is laughable. flimsy songs about your snatch or your broken heart do not a deep thinker make or she wouldn't have felt the need to employ a barrage of subliminally linked images( mccain juxtaposed with pictures of nazis and concentration camps as opposed to pictures of obama and -god forbid- fat assed flunked out of preacher school al gore and peace and love and happy children and mother fucking theresa and billy bob blow job clinton and no more genocide. she really thinks you're stupid and you are if this flew up your skirt and you didn't see it for what it was.), brutally loud and disorienting music ( from years in clubs i am not really all that sensitive to loud music so this was exceptionally loud) with lights that had he shielding my eyes for fear i'd end up in a seizure on the floor biting my tongue. these are all techniques used in both torture and in service of forced indoctrination. to be honest, it wasn't even that well done as it was so breathtakingly obvious as to make the use of the word subliminal near void. but maybe these things no longer have to be hidden like the painted in naked lady in the ice cubes of old liquor print adverts. perhaps people really are, after years of tv watching and compulsive bowing to consumerist propaganda of thing acquisition, drugged cows you can so simply lead to the slaughter of giving up genuine intellectual discussion involving facts and figures and truthfulness, exposure of what one's past really means. if we were still taught to think not what to think we would demand explanations from the likes of obama not platitudes and outright lies no one dares fully explore for fear of being called a racist.

i went to see a dance act named madonna, not to be tortured by a deaf dumb and blind political campaign designed by and for dunces. that anyone dare, via their lame slide show, compare bill clinton, john lennon, obama and al gore with an american hero, a martyr, for all races like the reverend martin luther king jr., a man who gave his life for the civil rights of everyone is racist and insulting and shows how frankly ignorant people are of history. what, can't think of more black civil rights leaders that we go over board on the whities, one of whose father was a dixiecrat and a segregationist and tried to stop the civil rights amendment that a republican, by the by, signed into law, not jfk, as stupidly hinted at by slash face's orwellian trip down shameless lying whore lane? it also shows what shitty judges of character people are. the former are all raging self absorbed narcissists in service to themselves alone. that a man who sacrificed himself, like john mccain, rather than leave his men alone in a POW camp could be compared to Nazis is near criminal. a lazy fucking hippy lying around in bed is more about madonna's and obama's peace and love train than men who were willing to sacrifice their lives and liberty for others. there is no greater love than self sacrifice which i assumed was the whole point of the jesus fairy tale. the men, the soldiers, who died on the beaches of d day did more for peace and love than some self absorbed pop star or lecherous rapist or over wrought chunky bore. that we can no longer collectively tell the difference between the two is the most troubling and sad part of modern american politics and could very well indicate that our best and safest and most honest and most peaceful days are well behind us.

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