mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"momma made me do it/ dada made me do it..."

we all have a right to our pasts, to our unique experiences . more often than not a generation's cultural experiences are hijacked by all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons. generally ,as with goth, it's hijacked by those who are not old enough, perhaps not born in time, to have participated in it. nostalgia for a past one did not actually live can't be anything but a sham and somewhat of a falsehood. revivals of music are specious affairs at best and tedious doped sheep fodder at worst. the trite vh1/ mtv version of the musical experience of the 1980s obliterates and further obscures a vast range of really talented people, like alison moyet, who provided the heart and soul center of what was the soundtrack to my life- a life i actually lived not watched regurgitated 20 years on on the telly . if i seem harsh in my criticisms and unforgiving in my assessments it's because at the very bottom, the very anchor of post 80s music revivalism is an almost pathological drive to redefine what underground culture actually was and replace it with a more user friendly identifiable bland product as seen in the video. the identifiable wasn't valued at the time- it was quite the opposite and those artists who were most experimental and advanced are shafted, blotted out from aspects of the music scene they more often them not helped to create. and those of us who are old enough to have been part of the scene- and in my case those of us left alive after the vast sociological , artistic, and human tole taken by HIV/AIDS- are sidelined as cranks if we don't put on the goth blackface and shuffle, step and fetch it for s/m straight dweebs a decade or more younger, not wiser, acting out what amounts to a crime of cultural sabotage and piracy .

i find it particularly hard to take when people, like dj's , who are in positions to make a difference in these matters say things like" oh there should be a hundred more people here" at a sparsely attended show. IF YOU BOTHERED PLAYING THEIR MUSIC MORE PEOPLE WOULD BUY THEIR MUSIC AND GO TO THEIR SHOWS. one thing linda lawrence left with me was the concept that the dj's primary job is to promote this music. fucking sell it-make people want it. if you don't do this along with, of course making them drink up and dance, what the fuck are you save an ipod, easily replaced with a jukebox? now djs and promoters are only in the business of selling themselves as if they are the music. you are not the music. you actually made nothing you are playing. it's more important that people are interested in what you are playing than who you are or what twinks are in attendance with their tits out. revivalist djs in particular have a vast wealth of music to fall back on so opting not to stretch out and play those artists that are not as well known today is a failure of will and a disservice. one of the reasons i post so much music on this blog is in an attempt at exposure to people who made a big difference in my life through their music. in fact they made a big difference in music and that they get scant recognition really pisses me off.

so to further take the piss out of people who may have been offended that one dare speak what is in essence the truth- a history if a very personal one- not the self perpetuated mythos based on the lack of people left alive to offer counterpoint to the accepted mantra and commentary of their own lives i am reposting what may have been the offending article. and continuing on.

here's a video and a song the artist man ray would really appreciate. remember to sell something every single night:


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