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stainless steel providers
ministry used to take the piss out of everybody. three inch nails , although involved with the members of ministry in some projects, seems to have distilled the jagged vicious glory that was ministry into the safe as houses mainstream make money and be likable to the masses of asses grotesquely over glorified crap music that's EZ listenin' for the tragic mopey suburban middle class teen set. and he got all the glory and presumable all the fame and bling even though it's a very very pale pasty white gelded imitation. i would wait and wait for songs like this- it made going out dancing just the whole world and all your anger and frustrations and passions and needs and lusts would converge and explode out of it.

stigmata- ministry. we never get to fucking hear this. just fuck you all for ignoring this. fucking play it. it's like a large whirling chunk of flaming metal hitting a goddamn wall- the wall of jaded shitty teeny bopper new wave anime tastes.

so where were you in 1992? we were ever so fond of dropping ' stigmata' then something like this- from before moby became whatever the fuck he is now( lame and an ' artiste' i guess)- the flip side of ' next is the e', ' 1,000'. it totally fucks your head up and drags you screaming along with it even if you're just sitting still and don't want to go.... catch your breath there, mate:

one of the reasons cherry red records- the sometime one time home of the marine girls and the monochrome set- was able to stay aloft was this track by miss jane which was opted by opus III and turned into an extremely popular early-ish techno song( although most people now who have no idea what techno was/is wouldn't recognize it as such.). it's recently been redone by another euro techno drone because no one seems to have an idea of their own anymore. miss jane was the original. it's a haunting yet sweet very atmospheric song.

miss jane- it's a fine day

in case you didn't know. i'd like you to realize, you're not alone. this song always makes me cry. one of the last truly great techno slipping into trip hop with drum and bass overtones club songs for me. it's really such a goth song because goths are after all at heart romantics and wistful ones at that. very twirly:

olive- youre not alone.

and so to bed because i just got home from work and felt twirly and angry and nothing all at the same time.

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Stigmata is like a clenched fist being clenched so hard that your nails dig into the palms of your hand. I remember seeing people slam dance to this song at The Rocket in Providence when the DJ would spin it. Ministry & Co. were so brilliant around that time. I played it at my 80s night too, much to the dismay of everyone but me.

I remember seeing Moby in '93 at The Paradise along with Orbital and Aphex Twin, and its still one of the best electronic shows i've ever been to. At the time i was doing a college radio show and somehow managed to corner Richard (Aphex Twin) for a quick station I.D. and remember him mumbling something to the effect of "i've taken some pills but i've no idea what they were... unnnngh!"

I also saw have a blurry photo I took of Moby when I saw him open for The Shamen back in 1992 when Moby had HAIR!

So much good music around 1992-1993!

"back in 1992 when Moby had HAIR!"
oh sweet jesus nearer my god to thee!!! i won't believe it until i see it then again i'm not sure i can stand seeing it. i am assuming you mean atop that chrome dome of his...

all that PTP, revolting cocks, acid horse, 1000 homo djs wax trax stuff-and then all the early house techno stuff and industrial through the early 90s- so much good music it's staggering. i find it impossible to compare the last 10 years in dance music to then . it hardly seems fair.

it always pissed me off that people could spin trentykins farting and people would swoon and dance to it but it was like pulling fangs to get them to register a blip of recognition for any of the cracking tunes that made NIN possible. nor can you spin early techno without annoying everyone and causing whimpering and whining. there's no recognition of roots save a rather shallow identification with the mass produced new wave and discotronica of the 80's. while all that was going on in the underground dance culture all this other amazing innovative stuff was bubbling up- that's where the gold was. it's such wonderful music, it such great dance music and over a range of genres too-it's not all so monolithic- it's so danceable and glorious and it's a sin you can't go out and hear it even on nights that are suppose to be dedicated to any of the various subgenres people so love to slice things up into. we used to play all of it in a night- public enemy, ministry, siouxsie, techno, kraftwerk but you could do that back then but now not so much. things were wide open and people were open to it. now everything seems so dispassionate and formulaic- lacking peeks and valleys and texture-Ez listening adult contemporary droning or so derivative you want to scream out the names of the songs being so artlessly hijacked.

oh , sigh.

1. Moby used to DJ near my mom's house in CT. Yes, he had hair. :)

2. I love Olive!

3. Ministry kicks some serious ass.

If I ever found myself stranded on an island, and it had a mysterious power source to plug a sound system into, I'd pray for you to arrive by boat; carrying good vodka, and lots of records.


The boat comment is for Mr. Rhodes, but you're wonderful, also.

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