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moon, moon gold horned moon

if you do not have this album and you like electronic music then you have to get pete shelley's homosapien. the whole album is fabulous and very innovative for the time- it was released in 1981 but even before the buzzcocks shelley was involved in electronic music societies. the song is about what you think its about and it was banned by the bbc for it. even a cursory overview of the buzzcock's exceptional catalogue of punk pop songs reveals references to homosexuality and gay sex at a time where it was very much not appreciated and pretty much not allowed by any major record label.

he indeed flashes a tarot card but which one is it? i've chosen the moon for this post- fear and loathing in the subconscious- the root of all homophobia and all inability to accept sex and desire as a positive force twisted into the negative by christianity through the debasement of the female, really envy of her power to recreate the world endlessly.

" even today it is hardly possible for anyone brought up in the western nations to comprehend the ancient world's opinion of sex as an experience of divine pleasure or a preview of heaven, without deliberate, laborious intellectual progress toward such an opinion" - barbara walker.

sex was never viewed as evil in goddess worship for ,after all, its how we all got here. harlots were holy not resigned to the gutter nor murdered in great heaps being now one of the primary targets of serial killers. rape was punishable by death not homosexuality as within the church at the zenith of its secular powers. women were not viewed as "sack[s] of dung " ( st. odo of cluny ) nor did ' saints' rave on and on about the carnal evil wickedness inherent in the female alone, responsible for leading all real humans, males, astray ( st. augustine, st. john chrysostom, tertullian, st. paul- who may have been a eunuch as he certainly hints at castration as desirable for entrance to heaven enough-, st. peter.). the subconscious of those brought up under thousands and thousands of years of repressive patriarchal female and sex hating religions has been drowned in a profoundly lethal poison that has caused excesses of personal cruelty and hatred in a world that likes to posit itself as ' civilized' and' advanced'. vicious and physical and sexual acts arising out of excesses of male cruelty and lack of empathy are universally viewed as expressions of male normalcy - from domestic abuse to fag bashing to rape to the active devaluation of female persons and the inability of males to be allowed to express their emotions and feelings for fear of being viewed as less than a man. sexual violations of women and children are barely punished- the fact is that if we collectively as a society did view them as wrong and predatory and evil we'd apply a sufficient penalty upon these crimes. if women were brought up to value themselves as more than a dung heap and repository for semen(" someone likes me!") and took their own pleasure and will as important would there be a need for abortion save in the rarest of cases? would there be 12 year olds pregnant kept in a perpetual cycle of multi-generational poverty? why does some insurance pay for viagra but not birth control? it's all as it was in early christianity- to separate females from control over their own bodies and destinies. in the mammal kingdom its always the female that controls reproduction save for, now, humans. it was not always so.

although the church and it's psychologically damaged automatons- products of a secular society that still operates out of deeply ingrained judochristian constructs for all it's insistence that it has replaced all that religion crap with science- have always operated even if subconsciously along the lines that celibacy, or general unshakable association of sex with wrong and bad, and refusal of congress with the female or inability of males and females to value the female, would lead to the end of the world and eternal salvation and bliss or at least true sexual, physical bliss stemming from from aggressive domination. but we're still here and the real dung heap is a world of escalating barbarism the worst of which comes from cultures that are entirely male dominated in which women are little more than chattel and homosexuals are stoned to death as in literal islam.the worse an entity violates individuals and their human rights and dignity particularly as regards women, children and homosexuals (as opposed to adult presumably heterosexual males , the only owners of human rights apparently) the less likely we are to see it for what it is- more content to label our peers who disagree with us in the safe freedom of the west nazis than those who truly are nazis. as ayaan hirsi ali noted when asked why people had no problem labeling conservative politicians like george bush a ' nazi' but shrunk at criticizing those who want to kill all jews, blow up civilians for allah and institute sharia law globally in a similar fashion, she opined that it was because george bush wasn't about to blow up your child's kindergarten, fly your commuter flight into a building or rape your 10 year old daughter because you're not muslim but these 'freedom fighters' who institute death threats based on writings and words alone( the satanic verses for example. theo van gogh brutally murdered for a film)are more than willing to do so and have done so many many times.

the anniversary of the death of sufi dervish founder rumi is referred to as his ' wedding night'. attainment of 'god' is referred to in sufi poetry as entirely a female gendered word and pursuit. the word dervish is associated with the persian word 'darwish' which means' sill of the door'. the moon is the door to perception, the door to death of the physical either in literal death or separation from the physical through sleep, meditation, whirling to contact with the subconscious, the beyond. if we cannot even bear to come in contact with our true inner desires and longings we remain in the closet, closed off from the true bliss of awareness and repressed. experimentation has found that it is repression, not sexual permissiveness ,that tends to cause the lusts to be out of balance and founded in aggressiveness and cruelty thus aggressiveness and cruelty being seen as the natural not the unnatural state of lust. these are societal constructs as artificial as Lee Press-On nails but viewed as holy nature sprouting from god or evolution. sexual permissiveness founded in negativity and the devaluation and denigration of the female is no better than a bunch of women hating first century eunuchs that couldn't get laid spouting off about the female as a subhuman sink hole to the abyss- it uses the same set of patriarchal values, disproved by science but taken as fact because it still supports an entire social and political state of being. women who seek worldly power are still pigs in lipstick and castrating bitches and really ought to stay at home and be mommy even though they probably suck at that too because all criminals are bad of course because of what mommy and other women did to them just by being female persons alone. women who seek only autonomy, the goddesses gift to us all, are treated much the same or even hung from a rope in iran.

ancient sufi thought views the world as held together by the female- through motherhood and sexuality- the 'dirty' true pornographic secret of true personal and collective peace and the peace that is death and rebirth.

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