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oh, and how we could focus on bloody disney pirates and ignore this momentous event flies in the face of human dignity and advancement of human communication in all its forms:

"On September 19, 1982, Scott E. Fahlman, then and now a faculty member in the Computer Science Department of Carnegie Mellon University, posted a message on the department's online bulletin-board system proposing that we use :-) as a symbol for "I'm just kidding" and :-( as a symbol for "This is serious". The idea caught on and soon was in common use at Carnegie Mellon and a few other research universities. Then, as the internet spread around the world and eventually into our living rooms, the smiley spread along with it. Love them or hate them, the smiley and the other "emoticons" that it inspired have become a ubiquitous feature of online communication."


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I use =P for kidding or if I'm being sarcastic like 99% of the time and =) for smiling.

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