mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

eve white/ eve black

you walked by me and i was rather stunned- kind of frozen. perhaps it's been so long that i couldnt believe it was you. perhaps i didnt really know it was you until you were lost in a blur of people. im not sure what name you use now and i dont know anyone from then now- not anymore.

we shifted, died and moved. every once and awhile do you think youre the only one left standing in a sea of pale imitation- in a codified marketed version of the underworld, the subculture we slithered through without a dime?

i started to remember too much and not enough- dwebo when he was just sean. boy night at axis. getting beat up running through kenmore. there isnt one person from the day i run into who doesnt say "remember when eve dumped that barrel of empties on that guy?"- upstairs and the needle slid across the record and everyone just stood all stunned. no one did anything because he deserved it and that's what it was crass dweeb ass ghoul cops cum security- just gothic gay hardass and a universe all your own- that's entertainment.

everyone got in because it was gay night really- no black play whore pretend crap with dorkometer readings by dorks at the door- its just they KNEW if you were so very cool by looking at you and then you didnt pay.

the emergency room, the original boston bat cave, boustieres with the tits out- black magic markers on leather-making the culture instead of buying it because of course it wasnt mass produced. thursdays at the 1270. the House of Love. go go jojo. irene's parties.

" oh you were one of those people in black downstairs"

you radiated such power of beguiling attraction- i know im not the only one who used to just sit and watch you dance. at the time i never realized it was something i would not come across very often.

im in the dj booth with christina. the 2 of you are fighting or at least not getting along. a shattering of stars explodes from the wall near my head and we both dive for the floor. you threw a thick shotglass at us- really at her- and glass sprays all about. you come at her and even im scared of you- i get between you. some jock security guards lunge at you, grab and drag you out the back-i spring over the rail and run after- there are 20 people surrounding you with fists raised and i squirm through, wrap myself around you ,so they dont beat you-i near carry you outside and youre gone.

why is it i always live near the river? i always feel at a loss for everything the flows on by- like my life.


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