mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" here come the planes..." 9/11

" when justice is gone/ there's always force.."

the most enigmatic and also the most distinctly of the tarot deck tarot card is the hanged man. it depicts a common enough sight in the medieval world- a type of criminal punishment called baffling that was reserved for traitors. however it is also the extant card that has no obvious christian symbolism unlike most of the other cards. this is because it retains it's pagan origins in terms of it's imagery. in the east it was quite common to teach spiritual matters using images on paper as most people could not read and in all probability ' the devil's playing cards' came from india and china. the hanged man is attis, odin, the green man.

the card is proceeded by the death card in the deck, however a look at his face and the fact that he appears alive and transformed and painless indicates a symbolic, spiritual death " not the slow inevitable change of the wheel of fortune but sudden violent change demanding sacrifice." the hanged man is in the the grove of odin, the hanged god, who is pierced in the side, like jesus, goes through trial and dies on the world tree and receives the female mysteries - available to men only through death , self sacrifice. it is the journey of life and rebirth, the journey through the tarot. knowledge appears a form of acquisition in the world of coins and swords but it is actually something you give yourself to in the immolation of ego. the giving up. in the end you can drink the waters of forgetfulness and retain nothing of what you have learned in this life or you can surrender your comfortable, numbed greedy egotism, give up all the spiritual mod cons of secular society and patriarchal religions and suck it up- be transmuted to gold like the hanged man, mandrakes sprouting beneath your cross, the place of your humiliation and sorrow, or drone on like an automaton, recalling nothing and going through the deck over and over again.

hell isn't other people, hell is life without awareness . life is about death as much as death is about life.

and as much as the tarot is about personal awareness and transformation as is life, it's also about justice- being respect for that which has created thou. although christians have seen to it to try to foist off on the world and she who created them that they and their male supreme only god created morality itself the tarot indicates a symbolism that says quite the opposite. in the traditional deck the tower is called le maison du dieu( house of[male] god) and is destroyed from above, the male magician is using things of the earth to try and erroneously manipulate things of the spirit, the devil and the pope cards are traditionally the same figure with the same placement save the outward dressings. the implication is clear- they are the same. all the major arcana, the first 22 cards, were stripped , save the fool,from the playing decks we use now for gaming. it was done for religious reasons. the cards represented a female oriented reincarnation based set of beliefs without a male priest caste and with no human written scriptures. the oldest versions we have left of the cards are overwhelmingly christian however it's quite safe to say they were certainly of their time when they could not have been allowed to exist in whatever was their older, more pagan form, save the hanged man who could be said to represent a then current form of punishment.

september always reminds me of death and transformation- it as after all the season for it and my life has definitely been proof of it. and now it's september 11 and the obvious question is what have we learned, what have we done, how have we understood what has occurred and used that understanding for advancement. a sect, a cult representing the worst of male religious fascism has murdered without honor children, creations of the goddess, and have called it justice and some who quite clearly represent those who were targeted believe it to be so- like the reverend of the church "Bambi" Obama belonged to for decades. and because we're so comfortable, so relatively safe in our world of things, objects and money and bread and circuses and self righteous egotism it seems to matter not, this profound injustice and what the terms of the violation actually mean. the murder of mary lou arruda, while perhaps evoking sympathy and head shaking and perhaps some anger, still only resonates for those who knew her and loved her. but for me 9/11 and the sadistic sexually charged murder of a teenage girl are not different and are not separate. at base they are the very same thing right down to the glib effrontery of blaming the victims. our secular society, whether in practice or not , and even many aspects of western christian belief ( such as mary idolatry) represents pagan, heathen female ideals associated with goddess worship. those who follow allah and serial murderers of women and children( and homosexual males) are acting out the very same creed based in male contempt for everything female or associated with the female( as children and homosexuals are intimately) and the raging desire to stamp out the proof of their own nothingness by waging personal war on representatives even if only in their own dimmed eyes of the female principle that brought them into the world and from whom they stole their religious beliefs and whose worship they so desperately try to pick out and obliterate.

the tarot as life teaches us the only "[real] institution of democracy" is death. orpheus only became a seer and oracle after he was torn to pieces by the representatives of the goddess and his head was logged in a rock. odin only saw the mysteries when he was dead. jesus only saved himself when he died- his visions were for him alone and the only ones who appeared to really understand him were the women at his entombment who were unceremoniously axed from all later christianities. again and again we're shown death as we see life. so many opportunities for learning and growth and understanding. so many opportunities for honesty and compassion and righteous anger at those who take what does not belong to them and those who defile that from which they came. the end of the world in pre-christian religions occurs when there is not one honest man left, not one fish in the sea, not one piece of fruit on the vine and then, like our own individual deaths, everything is sucked into the chaos, the void from which it all came.

are we the watch dogs at the goddess temple gates, like diogenes in his earth ware pot, the cynics who wait for one honest man left alive to stall the end of the world or are we the soldiers, the murderers, at the foot of the sacrifice, casting lots , gaming, for the now dead honest man's clothes?

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