mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"tinkerbelle and jack the ripper"

you have to be real careful with the tarot. based on gambling games and being infused with the then popular imagery of the renaissance revival of interest in pagan greek culture ie the classical greek ' myths' (read: gods and goddesses) it is firmly based in patriarchal western christianity no matter who attempts to interpret or lay claim to it and it's more popular images. it's only later generations, far removed from 1400's europe , who have emphasized it's occult and pagan mystique, generally, as always, with the minds of people raised in christian culture. during the renaissance the love of ancient pagan culture had to be well tempered against hysterical exclusive belief in the roman catholic church or you risked being burnt as a heretic. even leonardo di vinci, who did not believe in the christian god or jesus despite the beauty of his iconic religious paintings, had a classically based painting ( leda and the swan) destroyed by psycho christians( (actually cult whack job savanarola) and he was a revered and much sought out artist.

so that said i have resurrected the famed ' hello kitty tarot deck'- long out of print and actually not ok at all with the hello kitty mafia so never going to be redone but readily available on line now in a colored version. of course my ladies had to make an appearance or else:



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