mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" not 'did you' but' d'jew'...."

definitely NOT work safe because of the boogie woogie and da booty. posted mostly because this year for my birthday i decided i'd be dna tested. since the death of my father there is so much about my family i will now never know.

were the Kleins in daddykins family tree french- german( " i ain't going back to Alsace, Lorraine.") or yehudi?

i really don't want to be german- sorry, i know this is shocking but i'd much rather be part jewish thank you. then there's all that weird scandinavian food my father used to make- oh christ .. that would explain the pining for the fjords i experience this time of year...

mork mork mork mork!( except for the moustache , it's like looking in a mirror...)

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