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the missing link between my first post( "streetwalking down memory lane") and that which followed concerning goth/alternative dance music circa 1985( propaganda, BAD and PiL) is No Wave or NYC's alternative to punk and new wave starting about 1978. sure, we were all punks but some of us wanted to dance. punk was more focused on going to shows and seeing bands. people like james white/ chance used to complain if performance places didn't have any space to dance. he also used to get into the audience and slap people. heaven knows they probably deserved it.

i was very much into the contortians and james white and the blacks records when they came out in the late 70s- here were fucked up funky punks who danced.( not that i didn't love disco too- the real disco before those horrible bee gees- but this was all as fucked up as i was.) Ze records, which put a lot of this fabulous music out, was also home to kid creole and the coconuts and cristina.

it seems that finally this scene is getting its due- it was all profoundly influential to not only dance music and, now a days, faux punque rocque emo twinks who think of themselves as rocking all avant garde but to all the low life art fags who lived like paupers and created because they HAD TO- which pretty much describes most of the No Wave peeps. there are 2 books out now about the scene by people actually in it worth getting( " no wave: post-punk. underground new york 1976-1980"-thurston moore and byron coley and ' no wave' by marc masters and walter weasel) and you can find compilations like ' new york noise' by soul jazz records for half the price it is at amazon at overstockdottycom. 'no new york' has also been re-released. avoid "kill your idols" or anything of distinctly modern manufacture instead of straight ahead reissues and non remixed compilations and books and movies made by participants in the scene as it was happening. no one benefits from emo brats and suck ups swooning over people who frankly loathe them and with good reason. sometimes 4 people would show up to a show by any one of these bands. now corporate whore babies are trying to lather them up.

here's james- this is the more disco version of the original:


in nyc dance clubs circa early 80s-

international music system- nonline

this is a little later, but i think you may get the idea. black music was always very much a part of trenda going out. we all danced to the early break dancing hits along side new order, siouxsie et al.( like no hard core show in dc was complete without parliament or go go- "drop the bomb on the white boy crew drop the bomb drop the bomb"! ). now the only time you hear a black person's music in a goth club is when someone is being ironic and playing some latter day douche bag wigger hit from the early 90s when hip hop started to really suck and become mean and humiliatingly pimped up- degrading women, putting young black men in jeopardy and denigrating black american culture as a whole all at the same time- which is when whitey started to love it of course:

strafe- set it off


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