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" the written word is a lie..."

like propaganda, PiL always reminds me of linda lawrence djing at the 1270 in the mid 80s. the very first person, the first REAL DJ who expressed to me that you were either telling a story with the records you spun or you were just a goddamn fucking juke box. you would leave thursday nights thinking about what was played- really thinking about it, really experiencing the atmosphere the music , the people and the times created just for you if you were open and willing to hear. i never danced so much in my life nor ,sadly, as much since.

relativity or insignificance? who can say?

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Did you know who played on that P.I.L. album? The most bizarre collection of musicians i've ever seen on one album! Ginger Baker (Cream), Jonas Hellborg (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Steve Vai(!), Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrell (Funkadelic), Ryichi Sakamoto, Nicky Skopelitis (Golden Palominos), Bernard Fowler (NYC Peech Boys)!

" the human race is becoming a disgrace"

bernie worrell was all over the place in the 80s and gets scant credit for it- although he is one of hip hops most sampled artists and contributed heavily to the talking heads emergence as new wave's darlings of the new order.

bernie and johnny are also of course in this grand time zone hit:

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