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" the first cut won't hurt at all/ the second only makes you wonder..."
propaganda- duel

probably 2 of the greatest dance songs released in the 80s. dark, creepy, german- you should like it. someone should play them.

propaganda- p machinery

this post should be considered a continuation of the previous post- because i am not half done reading those beads...

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(Deleted comment)
the guy who produced that single- ivan ivan- produced the ms. C.'s band.

ohhhh modern dance.

i liked this song that sampled it - junior cartier- the women beat their men. i played it at one of my parties.the sound quality sucks but it's the best version on youtube.

When I was a teenager they were one of my favorite bands. I remember sitting at the back of the bus with my Walkman on, digging this. No one I knew liked them.

they were purposely marketed as an "ABBA from hell" which works just fine for me. there's a really good mix of 'duel' called ' thirds'.
it was a wonderful time for dance music.

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