mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Lucyfur: Destroyer of Lunch meats

so i have found the way into miss lucyfur's heart- and it's lunch meats and buffalo chicken wings with greek yogurt dipping sauce.

when i first brought her home, as i have said, she had the bearing of a ' house feral'- a cat who is in the home, never out in the ' wild', but not socialized to humans. she didn't appear to mind the other cats so much and seemed to want to spend all her time in the windows after having been in a basement at the rescue.

i go away to montreal with her still rather icy to me and i come home to the Itty Bitty Kitty Titty Fitty. i cleared a path to the kitchen, got a beer, cleaned the litter, fed the fiends and then tried to find something to eat. all there was in the house was some frozen hot chicken wings and a half eaten container of greek yogurt, and beer, mmm beer. but i really needed to eat so when i finally sat down i was totally surprised to find lucy at my feet screeching( (she hadn't made a peep before this) and vigorously bitch slapping my leg. she previously had flinched and ran every time i tried to pet her and here she was smacking me. i didn't think she'd like the buffalo sauce but she scarfed it right up and nearly crawled into my lap for more. it was too hard to resist indulging her because she's so cute and has been through so much rejection and instability. she ended up eating a good half of my dinner. and she now likes me. swoon!

she's still a tad hand shy but she loves to be petted and she chatters at me nonstop. she sleeps in the same room with me and spends her days hanging with the other cats instead of hiding in the windows. when i brought home a roast beef sandwich after work one night i thought she was going to faint if i didn't give her any of it. she's so tiny but her capacity to eat meat is astounding. but she deserves it and she desrves to think she is home.

and now that she's out and about more i've noticed that her thumbs are so huge because- they are THREE thumbs in one - 3 claws on one digit that branches out. disturbing.

three thumbs in one= the final step in feline world re-domination.

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