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" the city - a wasting disease"
after seeing her be so amazing and full of joy i am now madly in love again with catherine ringer. it was a wonderful show. montreal- not so much.it was good to be surrounded by french and not spanish for a change but-

( anne clark- sleeper in metropolis)

this was our theme for our trip- another great goth song we never get to hear but heard in montreal because of course they have better goth/industrial djs. no surprise there.-

and a hint of true love:

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(Deleted comment)
it IS in lowell although he died in FL- from a broken heart and booze because he knew you weren't born yet.

we are so going- it's in Edson cemetery and we can go to where his funeral mass was if it's even a church still- st. jean baptiste cathedral. he was an altar boy there- and you know what THAT means. mmmm.

bring a chisel- some things need some editing out....

(Deleted comment)
i went out with another leo but they were more leo than me as i gradual follow my rising sign of scorpio. it was my longest lasting relationship but i guess i am not as god awful selfish as leo's can be- they were.

you know our day of the dead this year is soo going to be all about the Ti Jean. he died oct. 21.

i didn't know he wrote 'on the road' in french first- actual in dialect-joual.

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