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and i forgot you were a theif
can i pass out now?- string lights out wrong from the ceiling and pass out in flames. i keep the light off and turn it on and rewire it for good measure. ladders fill the kitchen and plaster falls down to my face sticking to sweat rolling down my head. touch a wire to ground and see the stars. broken legs and a swollen mouth spitting teeth into my everything all up on point.

water buried allston- smothering me in your silent slightly slimy rage. its all over and i wade down comm ave leaving the car where we used to be. you seem tired of stealing me and i just dont like you because you suck. im shocked. its taken me fair to long to catch on and youre not that good an actor nor that stealthy a theif.

i hate the flood back- x, avalon. another gay pride wash out.-i try not to think because it costs me way too much. people dont like what you have- they like what they take.

its been so long and i still cant stand you and i hate your collection agency love calls- pay your bills you loser bitch. sometime you know youre going to have to pay the debts that count...

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people dont like what you have- they like what they take

That's all too true, but what can you do? ==shrug== Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you meet people who want to give just as much as they take, if not more. I like to think it all balances out somehow in the end.

i am forever losing my faith in the ' everything balances out in the end ' part. if one has noconscience and are avaricious- the world is your smorgasbord and the rest of us are just pickled herring.

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