mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens


she was still a little scared here but it's the best picture i could get of her- i didn't want to freak her out any more. she's having a grand old time now-lying out in the open and sunning herself and winking at me after hiding behind the curtains for a week so i think she finally knows she's home.

at the shelter she was in the basement so now she's really sucking up the window sun bathing time. she's at least 8 and came from a semi-hoarding situation wherein a woman had a local cat coalition help her vet and fix all of her cats then she decided to move and dump them. lucy would have been put down in a regular shelter and none but one of the no-kill shelters would take her because of health issues and the fact that she's painfully shy- like a house feral who had little human contact. she has the most beautiful eyes with the no run eye liner action going on. she was so pitiful and her eyes were so big and mournful and her chances so slim of adoption (they didn't even charge me a fee for her but i gave them money anyway)i had to take her home.

nixie and farah have launched themselves into a swoony display of love for me- they sit at the computer with me and follow me around just so i don't forget who the cutest and best tortie kitties are. the others are just very interested in lucy and haven't been aggressive at all- just a wee bit jealous. i remind them they were all once the new girls who no one considered adoptable so i didn't want to see any "Heathers" action from them.

i was just thinking about the death of Harriot Brown because i had gone up at last to get her ashes. i'd also been thinking about alice and how i don't have a tabby any more. well- here's my tabby. and has she got The Thumbs. well- move over nixie and the lady peets because the lady lucyfür has LARGE JOINTED FUCKING THUMBS!!!! it looks like these bad boys are deadly weapons- they're HUGE. and JOINTED, did i say jointed?


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