mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

lunch time

back when phoenix landing was ground zero( we called it ' the ground round' and ' ground beef' because of the obnoxious angry straight male factor therein. none of the old skool gay goths went all that much- plus the 'don ho' factor was ALWAYS off putting and the a-holes he stuffed the door staff with since having male managers replace all the old female ones always always made for the major suck. we did, however, go when it was one of the scariest dyke bars ever in the area- the marquis ground beef's more successful predecessor. this was because it was easier to get into gay bars underage and it was midway on the mass ave trek from kendall square to the pit in harvard square. goth needs a drinky poo. also the original man ray dj's girlfriend worked there and she would play awesome funk music.)lydia lunch got yanked off the stage by the cops about 10 minutes into her male hating castrate them all let satan sort them out tour rant. lots of angry men itching to be confronted were there including some of the limp dicks from mission of burma who opined oh so sarcastically about being so scared she was going to wilt their unsubstantial wienies, ho ho ho. i'm sure it's nothing money grubbing reunion tours for twink emo brats and and a whole lot of viagra won't heal and erect.

so here's an interview with lydia lunch- another goth you never hear at goth nights( cat got your dick, boys?) from ' popmatters'-

“Throughout all of my work, films, music and spoken word I’m trying to create and articulate a vision, to propose a better understanding and dig deeper into my own insanity, into feminine obsessions and sexual psycho insanity and get into the root emotion of what drives us as a culture. You’re never going to see me fucked up and sloppy on the street, and you’re never going to see me acting like Courtney Love, and for some strange reason it comes down to a feeling of dignity. I call it the Madonna theory: It shows us everything and tells us nothing. It’s pathetic but it’s the paparazzi that make it pathetic and they divert us to the point that we’d rather see Britney’s pussy than listen to somebody that might have something urgent to say about politics or the world in general. It’s just a distraction from everything that’s so fucking awful in the world. I find real passion shocking and I think that way because there’s so little of it that’s real. Maybe passion is the only shock factor I have left.”

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