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tour de canada, oh canada
oh yes-

HAL, baby, it's road trip time.

the greatest francophone rock band ever. catherine ringer is one of the greatest french singers ever.

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Hey, can you email me your contact info? I don't have your number anymore for some reason :( (emilytbm at gmail) I want to spend some time with you while I am visiting if that's alright!

sorry- ive been a bit busy as of late -i'll email you.

i can't get a message through that address- it keeps getting returned to me.

weird. emilytbm@gmail.com

otherwise I have a million other email addresses, try jenniferkhutchinson@gmail.com

(Deleted comment)
i need an updated book- i can't believe it's been almost 10 years since i went. i've had pretty good luck staying in the places listed in those things. i'll go get a new one before work.

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