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save a pussy/kill a breeder sports hooter
the hooting noises people make at athletic contests on the tv-i hate it. the dolts across the street are screaming and a hootin' and a hollerin' in sync so it's either a ball game or a drinking game. fucking gross. the torties are all pissed off. they hate honkie honking noises. it upsets them. that and the fucking horrible taste in music they have. time to break out napalm death.

the fact that the actor who plays stottlemeyer on 'monk' was buffalo bill in the 'silence of the lambs'. it took me about a year to figure this out and it was because he seems to have a slight speech impediment. anyway, it unnerves me.he was a really creepy serial killer even though the book the movie is based on is shit and the author knows jack about real serial murderers and their pathologies. and as an aside-it's generally only the mentally deficient who turn out to be cannibals. after that you can't take any of it seriously.scully in the "x files" was based on jodie foster's character.

i am so lame- i finally went and picked up harriot brown's ashes at the mspca/ nevin's farm. it was so hard to admit that she was the last of my older cats to die. all gone. but death has no meaning and value if you do not appreciate life,so i took time to visit the adoption center. there is a crisis now in no kill cat rescue and it is kitten season so if you can donate money , time or possibly adopt or foster please do. they always need food, litter, office supplies, cat beds, towels , toys and sundries. many of them need help with their web sites and petfinder posts. many need feeders for feral cat colonies. because of an immediate crisis with an individual's cats threatened with being taken and killed, i just took in an unadoptable scared to the dickens sweet little calico girl to make more room in a shelter to save lives. she's terrified or i would post pictures. now lady chablis is sitting with her-like she's watching over her and not one of the girls has hissed at her. her name is Lucy but i've been calling her Lucyfur. i'd change her name but she's 8 years old.

and because i am feeling all nebbishy:

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As I was reading this I was wondering..did she rescue another...and yeah you did :) Cripes..if Peets would tolerate it (she won't) I would get another. Not to mention with Chris' asthma issues..it just wouldn't be feasible..

But holy crap would I love another furry family member.

yeah it goes without saying you're one of the good people who loves the cats but the lady peets must be obeyed and i for one definitely get the hell allergies are. i have to vacuum the whole place and put down sheets on the furniture for V. to come over and i myself get miserable beyond words with my pollen issues.

the girls especially the Angry Black Cat will have their little noses out of joint but this poor girl had zero chance of being adopted and she has the sweetest face and deserves to be cherished in her own home. i had to do something or i would never forgive myself. the ferals love other cats and chablis is a sweety like persia- looking out for the other cats.

i did see the video of C. twirling that Peanut around like a graver with a calico colored glow stick at ceremony...

Heh..it is so bad..because he likes cats and they gravitate towards him. One evening with Nutter and the Dust Bunny and he almost had an asthma attack :(

May I add how LITTLE resistance Ms. Nutter showed at being twirled around. Mind, she really doesn't tolerate being picked up much (too many things to do), but she really didn't fight him on that one :)

she has that "i'm completely unhinged calico nut" look about her. and Sylvia Jr.-OMG!!! she's filling out quite nicely, thank you. i like her louis vuitton saddle bags when she sits down.

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