mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" you can lead a horticulture...."

many of you i know who ascribe to the more, shall we say , louche social pursuits have been wanting to know which of the new generation of House Cats of the Apocalypse may be the new ass master spank queen. well. i can't make you think but i can try to get you to guess. with the passing of both sylvia and harriot brown i myself had been wondering just who that special girl with the specific and special passions would be. all was revealed last week...

so who could it be?

The Farah?

ginger is, after all, as ginger does. they're not called orange smarmalades for naught. she's currently ' the bathroom slut'.

how about the fluffy de fluffy: la himalayan, Prissy de Brockton:

hint hint-himalayans are a mix of siamese and persian for that extra pinch of sluttiness.

then there's the Lesbian Panther and we know those people are capable of every perversion and are responsible, along with the jews, for the complete collapse of western christian civilization:

the Lady Chablis. enough said. she's certainly not hiding her candy:

even i have to admit that Nixie seems more capable of doling out the spankings than receiving. but they do say: butch in the streets, femme in the sheets:

what can be said about one who comes from rhode island and cost 5 dollars american? the next president of the united states: djinn, the angry black cat. is it " yes you can" or " no you fucking can't, bitch"?


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