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tainted nubs
and if you're waiting for me to post fucking soft cell's tainted love- it's not fucking happening, not on my lj dime. i loathe that song because i had to play it so much for decades - so, yes, it's gay as matching luggage as is marc almond but the original is better and a girl sings it- a black girl- and nothing is gayer than a real diva. gloria jones was the girlfriend to glam and thus goth icon marc bolan ie t rex. she was driving the car he died in. she was a member of his band but had a long music history before they came together which included writing for motown( she wrote ' if i were your woman' for gladys knight and the pips and the proto-disco ' i haven't stopped dancing yet' .).

the year i was born- 1964- and gloria jones- the original tainted love. we played it on goth night in the day instead of soft cell :

and because the song always reminds me of coil just go out and buy 'horse rotorvator' and 'love's secret domain'. just please do it.

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"Love's Secret Domain" is my fave Coil. It's full of freaky speaker rotations, ping delays, and pitch shifts.

I love this. I'm wondering if you do, too.

"Big" Judy Henske performing "Wade In The Water" This women has a VOICE!!!

that fucking rules!

to show you how deranged i am i set on to get a copy of the obscure album she made with her then husband jerry yester called ' farewell to aldebaran'-( before it was reissued). it was going for a couple of hundred bucks on the auction sites and i kept losing until i found the 8 track. of course i had to buy an player to listen to it- because i had to fucking have it. it's a really advanced for its time album-especially how it was produced . it has some proto goth stuff on it. i love her voice.

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