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'somewhere far away with no blacks/no jews/ and no gays'
this song has been sampled many, many times which is a testament to it's awesome gay anthem-ness. you might know the writers and producers better as kid creole and the coconuts- august darnell and andy hernandez. they were also a relatively successful big band disco group- dr. buzzard's original savannah band ("cherchez la femme") who have been sampled a great deal by a vast assortment of hip hop artists(' sunshower').

this is the legendary machine 'there but for the grace of god go i'- well known and loved by all the Legendary Children. nearly 3 decades on( released in 1979) it is still instantly recognizable on a dance floor of those who have any sense of dance music and it's history and close association with teh ghey.

kid creole et al were staples of the 70's/80s new york music scene-darnell produced miss kitten precursor cristina ('is that all there is' and 'disco clone'. siouxsie used the former - playing cristina's banned version at the end of all her shows in the later half of the 90's.). they appear as oddly named disco bands here and there- my very favorite being don armando's 2nd avenue rhumba band- "deputy of love". if you don't know if you've got teh ghey or not, you do if you like this song-( and saturday night fever had horrible music that pales next to real disco like deputy of love but it is still a good film.)(" are you gonna be a nice girl... or a pig?")

endicott by kid creole. i am always surprised at the people who know and love this song. darnell definitely has his minnie the moocher moves down. that's andy hernandez in the kiddie pool.

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That Machine song is definitely one of my favorites!

On the subject of "teh ghey disco", how shocked was i to find that this song was used in Grand Theft Auto IV?!

And of course there's this

And this

It's too bad we never got to hang out and go crate digging. I think it would have been really fun.

this is why i love you and i really dont even know you- i knew, just knew you'd love machine and i recall once one of your posts having attached to it that you were listening to the skatt brothers-i thought, oh yes!

i think the skatt brothers was part of casablanca's whole good vs evil scheme of things as in kiss bad/ angel good. village people good clean gays vs. the skatt brothers evil nasty sex doing gays. but frankly i've never seen a picture of them and none look capable of that big scary leather daddy from hell voice. if that's the song they're using in that game i am speechless. i was even shocked that obscure boston band tribe is featured in one of those horrid rock star interactive games- then i recalled when they split up several of the band members went on to write music for video games. they probably put it in there themselves.

you know when you have an alternative lifestyle you often HAVE to write that youre a man ( sort of) on your jacket or none of us would know it. i can smell the poppers through the computer screen as i type.

At age 12, I moved to NYC with my parents; in 1979. In early 1980 I got my first listen of Kid Creole and the Coconuts. "There But For The Grace Of God Go I" was an instant favorite song! I used to get it stuck in my head while doing everyday things like laundry, or grocery shopping. I remember this very well. I'd just hum along with my brain. :) My mind is still a Jukebox today.

I used to have one hell of a disco record collection. I started to collect these records shortly after the move, because I had easy access to really cool record shops in my neighborhood, and beyond. My parents frequented discos back then; on the weekends. They told me about other songs they heard while out having fun. I'd run out and buy them asap. I recall spending a lot of time in a little hole in the wall shop on 23'rd and 3rd. I also frequented Sam Goody and J&R Music World. Goody's was actually an incredibly good store back then. They had a lot of obscure stuff, and disco records. Later on, I hit up the indie stores; Rocks In Your Head, The Golden Disc, and Bleecker Bobs, for punk/new wave records.
I spent ALL of my allowance on music.

I really love reading your posts about music. It just figures that Brad would comment on this, too. :) He's SUPER cool, and I don't think he realizes just how cool and interesting he is; at least to me.

i can really relate to that- i was music obsessed and the obsession was all over the place. i would have killed to be so close to good record stores- we were in the middle of nowhere and i used to beg relatives to take me record shopping. my mother and i lived with her parents and her siblings two of which were gay men so i knew all the real disco before it was run over and mass marketed and lots of divas and funk. i learned to do the bus stop and the spanish hustle and the dirty dog in my grandparent's living room. this song always recalls that time for me-

there was a strawberries in boston on boylston street that had a downstairs dance music section that was astounding. one of my uncles was friends with master fucking amazing boston dj danae from chaps so we had access to all the club music. the first time i heard prince it was because they were playing ' head' in all the gay bars and one of my uncles dragged to home . this was years before prince got massive radio play. and when everyone started ripping off all the old gay divas i knew the original songs. my favorite was the very best version of ' i never can say goodbye'- gloria gaynor :

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