mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

can you feel it?

because gay pride is now a parade of blue cross blue/ shield employees and people pushing their gaybies around like normal average american drones instead of radical faeries, sex workers and daddies in leather the way it ought to be it's time to celebrate teh ghey's greatest hits.

this song could drive me to absolute tears in the booth depending on how many drugs i may have found and taken that night. it's as classic as house music gets and the 12 inch is perfectly mixed for djing. earlier they had an underground classic hit with ' make my body rock'- all airy space and thumping beats and hot diva vocals. here's jomanda's 'got a love for you' .there are better mixes but no videos with those:

here they are with early techno star felix-" don't you want my love'. this is what they used to listen to at raves you glow-stick waving tots. you've been techno served, child. there are a multitude of versions and this is not the best but will do- it was a number one song in europe.


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