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lesbian love, like herbal tea
rambo spends a lot of time on top of the lady chablis. she really does climb right on top of her like she's a little pony.


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wow...Rambo looks just like a mini black panter. So pretty! :)

The Lady Chablis there has some seriously fuzzy toes! (Hello, no traction)

i called her Panther for about 2 days- one of her many names the first month i had her. she's really funny- she does everything full tilt. if she runs around the house it's a racetrack. if she's going to give you some of that panther lovin' she throws herself at you and sprawls all over you .

chablis probably only has her spring coat now too. her feet and her ears are über fluffy . her head looks like a square teddy bear's.

Pretty kitties!

I can't get over how much she looks like Pmo.

every day i notice how much like persia she is. when i first had her i thought- she's not like p at all but she has the exact same coloring and bearing. she's really mellow and really tolerant of the other cats. she seems to exist in her own special force field but she is very lovey dovey. sometimes she walks by at the edge of my sight and i swear she's persia.

that's some serious kitty love going on there.

the love that dare not say it's name!

(Deleted comment)
i love and support my lesbian panther and her siberian mail order domestic partner!

this is ann magnuson and bongwater. some of the best commentary about klaus in the nomi movie comes from her. she's the chick in the couple that david bowie and catherine deneuve take home from the club in the beginning of ' the hunger". they be nomi-ing all about the....

Power of Pussy-

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