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"you look like an angel/ sleeping it off at the station"

" in the baths of constantinople/ a harem is swimming/ arabs guard them and take them to ali pasha
- he orders the guards to bring them before him, to make them dance and play the bouzouki.

narghiles for him to smoke with turkish hashish / and hanoumia to dance the gypsy tsifteteli-
that's how the pashas live in the world- with narghiles, bouzoukis, carsesses and kisses."- 'hamam' , artemis, poorly translated.

how poorly translated i feel- holding up words in several languages and having none make sense. like looking through glass- nothing is there between my mind and my mouth- a clear nothing , signifying nothing, yet garbling everything. babble.

when i dared say , upon being asked about france and how i felt about their recent ' behavior', that i , as a frenchman, was deeply ashamed and angry- i got pinioned by one of those gay liberals, as ,"well- youre NOT really from france are you?" no, like you, i am from Ur-anus - now fuck off , bitch...and take your stereotyped agenda of liberal pissing and moaning avec toi.

fuck you and your tofu pups too. uh france is a country and the french are people who don't all think like you and we don't all sound like the french knight in 'monty python and the holy grail' but we do act like that, in general, so, now go away or i will taunt you a second time.

we are all suppose to fit into these molds, whether we do or not is unimportant. the seeming is being. the being is seeming to be what everyone thinks you are, thinks you should be and thinks that you should think.

the pasha is and that's all. and he gets all the hashish and bitches without being questioned as to who he is suppose to be and what he is suppose to want. wanting is being and don't question me.

but being born is power. it's the living that's disemboweling and disabling.

" you should learn how to say no"- hole, 'violet'

yeah well no is the only word i know. did they ever give you your heroin back, courtney? nah- didn't think so.... your husband's platinum card just bought some more.

my arms still itch. in the bend.

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