mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" you were there with your badge and rubber boots..."

although 'parallels lines' is probably one of punk rock/ new wave's greatest albums ( 1978 if you were counting), the earlier blondie albums are littered with gems that pointed the way to the future, which, of course, was looking back at the 60's. girl groups. surf music. garage rock. and it was smart and witty. all there in a deliciously twisted package. i never much liked too much after 'parallel lines' but i adore everything before. early 70s new york was much more influential and important to good music then anything that happened in britian- in point it influenced what happened in london and is given little of the credit in the media and in the revisionist hagiographies of the times.

" you had to admit/ you wanted the love of a ... sex offender"

" i could give you some head and shoulders to lie on..."

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