mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

nixe: she-panther of the SS

because it was around the anniversary of my adopting nixe and farah and because the cat connection has their first fund raising yard sale of the year around this time, the girls' foster mom wrote me a little email . she does write from time to time anyway, checking in. so i sent her back an email complete with cutie pics, gushing about my ' 'little feral angels' and how sweet they are - all mushy i luvs my kittehs sooooo much.


apparently, my dear sweet angel-kins, pookie bears were the terrors of the fucking cat rescue. in fact, they were called ' the terrible torties' and no one wanted to deal with them. i suppose now that i've had them for a year and everything is going well it was time to ' fess up. i did tell them on my application, because they asked, that i had experience with difficult and abused cats, which was true, but that wasn't to be taken as an invitation to foist the psycho kitties from hell off on me. i guess i was a soft touch at the time. i had just lost persia, may her name be praised, and was feeling all empty and sad and in need of saving something lost and hopeless like me. and those 2 did look awfully pathetic and scared.

apparently, it was more like they were awful. period.

nixe was the worse of the two. she used to bite her foster mom and refuse to let go- like a tortie pit bull she'd lock her jaw. the woman had to go get a tetanus booster and her doctor, because she had other health problems, told her she had to get rid of Cujo because the Jaws routine was showing no signs of stopping. and along came Mittens.

they have never once growled or hissed at me- even that first month when they hid in my closed bedroom and i would go in and try to spend time ' socializing' them- which means i sat on the bed reading and they hid under it and refused to come out. the have never scratched me. they have never bitten me or even made any motions toward doing so. i pet farah all the time and i do pet nixe sometimes- although she remains the shier , most guarded of the two. in fact, nixe started sleeping with me almost immediately after i let them out of the bedroom. she gets under the covers and stretches out along my body. but she will only do this when i am asleep- the minute i wake up, she bolts. i have to say even if i had known they were considered nearly unadoptable and were prone to the more extremes of feral behavior- like biting and scratching defensively no matter what the situation- i still would have taken them. i wouldn't change them - i don't care that they're not lap cats and they're not cuddly ( well, farah is becoming a little cuddly...) or that they still have the aura of feral-ness about them- they may never lose that. i think they're lovely. they're like extreme cats, uber kitties- more feline than feline. and they are sweet and gentle if some what quirky. i don't know exactly why they respond to me differently than how they acted in their foster home. maybe it's just because they were meant for me.

now i need a bumper sticker that says "my tortie beat up your pussy at the cat rescue"....

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