mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

oh bondage up yours

poly styrene wrote some of the best lyrics of early punk -some of the most insightful instead of just babbling poor white trash rage over relatively inept 3 chord rock . songs about identity and the crass consumerism that would eventually chew punk rock and new wave up and destroy from within. she was the only one, as a person of color and a woman, speaking out against the s/m and nazi imagery of early punk-

" tie me tie me chain me to the wall/ i want to be a slave for you all/ oh bondage, up yours!".

i have to tell you i dont really care what consenting adults do to each other unless it personally involves me but after working in a dungeon and a sleazy men's bar i'll just say that the first time you see a black man or woman in chains being degraded- it fucking wakes you up as being impossible to ignore as completely fucked up in public. that is if you think about anything deeply instead of being a goddamn self absorbed automaton. and while those SS uniforms were terribly attractive and awfully fetching they have a history of rape murder and obliteration behind them that should remind us all that we don't live in a vacuum immune from the past and it's very powerful symbols and artifacts of hatred and genocide.

better then the sex pistols any day, 'germ free adolescents' is one of punk's earliest classic albums. it was not released in the states when it came out. one of the most thoughtful products of early punk is now a footnote while the self-destroying twats and junkies are writ large.


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