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get your tits out for the boys
i bought this song about the second it came out:

then they lost members( annette zilinskas who was replaced by former runaway michael steele), focused on susanna hoffs' tits and drippy dopey dull powder puff songs, became insanely popular and i thought- what the fuck happened? the real world is like one of those old skool classic perfect pop songs that were the staple of the 60's- a time which acted and still acts as the foundation for a majority of popular musical trends. when i was quite young in the late 60s/early 70s i was often with my mother's teenage siblings. we used to play garage rock and girl group 45s on a portable record player and go go dance on their twin beds while someone waved a flashlight around. i just loved it. i could sit and listen to those singles for hours and hours and i knew every song and every record company they were on from watching those colorful labels spin around. i recall being intensely fond of the strawberry alarm clock's ' incense and peppermints':