mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

kinderwhore: a celebration

" i must have been desperate..."

courtney love, babes in toyland's kat bjelland - they all got that kinderwhore look from christina amphlett- who always was smoking hot. a profoundly under rated band now known only for ' i touch myself' which they wrote as a joke. 'all the boys in town'( 1981) is more representative of their early work- it's a great fucking song.

" i've been standing in the back of your life/back row center just above the ice"

"please don't ask my how i've been getting off..."

ignore the cheesy 80s quality video-these are really great songs people need to hear if they haven't already and need to recall if theyve forgotten:

pleasure and pain

courtney was in a band with bjelland and this song was allegedly about her- kat denies it now.

babes in toyland- bruise violet

sorry courtney but kat has it all over your sorry derivative ass and yes i know who your husband was.

i love chicks who look and sound like they would beat the leaving daylights out of you with their guitar and then carefully reapply their lipstick.

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