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"Going down the Stony End...

I never wanted to go." ( laura nyro)

the gods who existed in name only, in a word, in liquid . in water mesu betshu.- spawn of rebellious malice. it has a face. michael ,angel of the face.

"According to Leela Esmat, who wrote her PhD dissertation on magic symbols in the work of the painter Abdel-Hadi El-Gazzar, it is a common belief that Jinns live among us and often marry humans. They may or may not inform their partner of their nature, but are recognisable by the fact that their body does not produce a shadow in the light; and they can at will take the shape of various domestic animals or enter the body of an ordinary human, who thus becomes "possessed." The zar, a popular ceremony of exorcism, is not, as we may have been led to think, meant to rid the victim of his or her demon, cautions Esmat. Rather, its purpose is to calm the evil spirit who, as opposed to his Western counterpart, enjoys the commotion. Pleased by the ceremony, he is likely to leave his victim in peace, at least for a while....

'I asked the Nile to forgive us,' says Esmat ' but there was no other safe way of getting rid of this horror.'

Esmat confirms that, according to popular belief, male and female evil spirits inhabit the bathroom, which one should not enter before turning on the light. Similarly, girls in rural areas are warned against crying in the bathroom or wearing black underwear, said to be particularly attractive to the evil spirits. If she disobeys, a girl could become the victim of a lamsa (literally, touched by the evil spirits).

THE NATURE OF JINN: Lane gathered that the Jinn are supposed to 'pervade the solid matter of the earth, as well as the firmament, where approaching the confines of the lowest heaven, they often listen to the conversation of the angels respecting future things, thus enabling themselves to assist diviners and magicians.' " Some enchanted evening- Al - Ahram

The ATF raid on Waco began Feb 28,1993.

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