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honk honk honkie
so, would it also be an ' Absolut world' if germany had won WWII? france was a predictable goner early on ( they own the vodka in question now) but how long would sven and company have gotten to remain ' neutral' if hitler had his way?

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Once again, you pose a very good question....

people seem so selective about what they view as ' imperialism'. the spanish were european invaders of mexico, central and south america reaching up into what is now the US. they exterminated the indigenous population,plundered the riches and destroyed their religion and culture- something that is still done in mexico to the point where the yucatan doesn't consider itself part of mexico and goes through waves of independence demanding. if mexico is so great ( meaning the ruling forces, the political entity not the people) why does a major portion of the population have to risk life and limb to escape it in order to feed their families? if california was ceded to mexico as the original absolut vodka ad hinted at, what's to say the mexican powers that be wouldn't turn it into the bankrupt corrupt near third world country mexico is today? mexico economically oppresses it's citizens to the point where they encourage them to cross the boarder illegally to be done with them and get the windfall of the us dollars that make their way back across- and then they can blame america for it all and bung holes like the lilly whites in sweden and france can be all smug about not the deplorable state of the iron fisted and corrupt mexican government but how much america sucks.

the spanish conquerers that made their way up to california weren't indigenous to this continent. if they want to reclaim what is really there true homeland why don't they go back to spain from whence they came? the race /oppression sweepstakes hustlers who celebrate ' brown' as a ' race' are oblivious to the fact that Cortez was a murderer, indigenous blood- native blood of people with an ancient history of occupying california, mexico and central america- is viewed and treated as inferior in countries south of the boarder and THAT is the soul of what racism means. propaganda has blinded people to the root of their problems with the savage universally accepted convenience of viewing the united states as the root and route of all evil . the surest way to control a people is to convince them that someone else that's largely despised is really the one controlling and exploiting them- not you. in germany hitler used the jews for this purpose with great success. mexico and central and south american political manipulators use the united states while they murder their own indigenous populations, shoot ' surplus' children in the streets and steal their countries riches for the limited few ,plunging a mass of their populations into extreme need.

i truly believe that this all alienates ALL people and disunites them in the face of the powers that be from their real pagan , tribal heritage and how the major imperialist powers of modern history including spain and france- with the universal christian church triumphant( patterned specifically on the roman empire)-have used their male god and his imperialist, subjugation happy ways to destroy peoples and render them into little more than slaves to a patriarchal eurocentric culture that demeans women,codifies artificial race distinctions that flare too often into genocides and keeps those controlled as deluded, easily manipulated sheep-lacking non-propagandizing education and viable paths to self awareness.

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