mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

shut your flan hole,,,,

if i hear one more goddamn accordion i am absolutely going ' bad lands ' style mental and killing some bitches. the first weeks i was at my new job they didn't really dare do it -they mostly listened to the god awful ' bedtime magic'( yes in fucking mayberry maybe. this is the music in the waiting room to hell- when you're just not interestingly bad enough -just mediocre- to get right in. i now really am considering working until i drop and offering a bounty on sarah mclachlan's head or that ass wipe pussy boy who does the truly viciously, odious ' your body is a wonderland' .) i guess now we're all family because i am daily subjected to, first off AM radio, secondly the same 5 spanish language top 40 let's dance the tarantula around our fucking sombreros songs over and over again. and i had to make flan for 400 on top of it. how ethnically fucking appropriate.

don't get me wrong- i hate fucking white people. really, i do- more than obama's jew hating honkie stomping minister of hate does. and i really do like my new job- although it's been a bit of a trial because i've had to work a lot. they haven't had a real baker let alone a pastry chef for over 12 years so things are- difficult- right now. this company was founded by people who came from the company i just left. and like the company i just left most everyone is from the same fucking village in Colombia- 2 are brothers of the chef at my last job. but they're all a lot younger, have even worse english skills and listen to the radio all the time. at R. the older guys really didn't want to hear music all day. i think it annoyed them. i can, frankly, tune most anything out but i'm tired and like tedious american radio there's really only so much i can take of the same bad music over and over.

it's like hearing ' you light up my life' by a bad mariachi band on crack 20 times a day with colombians screeching along in dribs and drabs. they even try to sing along to ' magic' although they clearly have a bad grasp of the words. they really like ' sweet dreams' by the eurythmics and sort of quack along in spanglish. if i had the time, i'd be disturbed.

here are my favorite top spanish language songs from rumba am:

1) "the meowing song". the guy starts meowing in the chorus-' meow meow meow'. i think i completely annoy everyone because i have started meowing along. they love that fucking song and i think they know i am mocking it.

2) "saturday. what a day. yeah". a really hateful tune- and they love it .that's what it sounds like to me like "aren" is how my name sounds to everyone. i don't think my name is so difficult to pronounce. really.

what really struck me is how few female performers they play- just like say wbcn or waaf or wfnx. over 97% of their playlist is male. it just doesn't matter what language the music is sung in shit music is shit music and the silencing of female voices is the silencing of women on the airwaves. try hearing a woman singing at whatever lame goth/ industrial night is still dragging it's sorry haunches around trying to make a scene out of a room full of dj's critiquing each others itunes playlist. so what is it, boys, why are you so sacred of women? i thought most of you were straight? why do you hate women so much you don't even want them to sing one fucking song out of the 20 or so you continuously play over and over again?

here- let la india show you the way to drop fucking science:

great female percussionist born sheila escovedo. i always thought sheila e was insane sexy hot:


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