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you know i dress for every situation
Yaz aka Yazoo ( vince clarke and alison moyet) are touring-oh my-


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Must... check... this... OUT!!!

I absolutely love them. Thanks for posting this. xoxo

Oh, and by the way "Only You" still guts me to this day. It took a grand total of 10 seconds to cause tears.

Isn't "Winter Kills" one of the greatest songs ever? It's LUSH.

" tear at me looking for weak seams"

only you, winter kills and ode to boy all have the same effect on me-near tears if not outright weepy .

vince clarke is one of the most influential people in dance music and he hardly gets any credit. he's a goddamn genius. and listen to her voice-i always loved that she didnt have one of those high girly girl 80s thin voices. she's forceful. i recall people at the time wondering if she was a he- especially concerning ' situation'- possibly one of the top 3 most important dance singles- a perfect song in every way.i always thought andy bells ' sound' in erasure was specifically patterned on her voice.

god i fucking miss those days. so much wonderful music- back when i believed in love.

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