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" just like the white winged dove....."
she's only the third great goddess grandmother of goth( siouxsie, nico, stevie= the blessed trinity) but you'd never know it listening to fucking skull fucker techno and pretending you're hello kitty with a death wish and glow stick butt plug. we're going to the Night of 1000 stevies in may- you should too.

twirl for me and piss off lindsey one more time:

" i know i could have loved you/ but you would not let me"

" take your silver spoon and dig your grave"

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Siouxsie loathes being called "goth." I find that amusing, because she basically shat out bats during JuJu.

all of them are in raging goth denial. there's nothing wrong with it- goth. it's better than being a sad old pathetic punk churning out atonal 3 untuned chord rock in your fucking 50s . being a goth lifted her out of the oldies circuit and allowed the banshees to grow musically wherein so many of their ilk did not and could not.

when the sex pistols did their bloody awful reunion tour in the late 90s i went to see cheap trick free on the boston city hall plaza. only people half my age who found rancid interesting seemed all hot to go and it was someplace miserable like the football stadium at foxboro.. cheap chick were amazing. i love cheap trick- and it was free. if it had been PIL instead of the the pistols i would have gone for that.

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