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" what else should i be?- [no] apologies"
"the discovery is, of course, that 'man 'and 'woman' are fictions, caricatures, cultural constructs. as models, they are reductive, totalitarian, inappropriate to human becoming, as roles they are static, demeaning... dead ended for male and female both. culture legislates those fictive roles as normalcy. deviations from sanctioned sacred behavior are ' gender disorders',' criminality' as well as 'sick', 'disgusting', and 'immoral'. heterosexuality, which is properly defined as the ritualized behavior built on polar role definition and the social insititutions related to it... are ' human nature'. homosexuality, transexuality...persist as 'perversions' of this 'human nature' we presume to know so much about. they persist despite the overwhelming forces marshalled against them- discriminatory laws and social practices, ostracism, active persecution by the state and other organs of culture- as inexplicable ,'embarrassments', as 'odious' examples of 'filth', and / or ' maladjustment' . the attempt, here, however modest and incomplete, is to discern another ontology, one which discards the fiction that there are two polar distinct sexes."- "androgyny , fucking, and community"- andrea dworkin

oh dont know what ontology means? it's because you're a tool, tool.

" there is a misery of the body and a misery of the mind, and if the stars, whenever we looked at them, poured nectar into our mouths, and the grass became bread. we would still be sad. we live in a system that manufactures sorrow, spilling it out of it's mill. the waters of sorrow, ocean. storm and we drown dead too soon." - julian beck- the life of the theatre.

lyn: you need a date.
akmed: i dont need anyone. i just dont care. it doesnt matter if they leave they leave. if theyre obnoxious, well fuck them, i dont need it.
lyn: wow, youre like a guru.
akmed: all i need is a turban.

miserable people, with no self esteem, who are unhappy with themselves, want you to be miserable and unhappy with yourself too and that's just not going to happen.

as long as i stay in the good graces of the cats, that's really all that matters. they are closer to the beautiful Friend.

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So what pronoun would you prefer to be referred as when someone is describing you, eh?

Or should I just not mention you ever?

What should I do?

==raising hand== I have a suggestion. Instead of pronouns, how about just using "god"? As in, "God is on the way, God is stuck in traffic." or "I'm sorry, but God just doesn't like you, go away now." What do you think? It could work for everyone, and would be ever so much fun.

THAT"S PMP"S name!!!!!!!!
that is when she doesnt want me to call her Sir, military style.[ she is commander and chief... of RIP( radical islamic pussy)]

as in:

" sir, shall i rake the litter now, sir?"

like prince, i will be known as only a symbol...TBA

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