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the fluff and the fury
djinn had just been fixed when i adopted her so her belly was shaved. instead of black fur, it has all grown in grey. she's only about 1. it's quite odd.

mmm graven images....

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Well..there are those youths that are old souls...so maybe she is an old belly :)

BTW...she is SOOOOOO adorable and as I recall extremely friendly and purry!

she's really flirty and gets very jealous of other cats touching me. someone has pointed out she also might be part maine coon cat hence the odd fur-age. she definitely has some angora traits- particularly her personality- but when that fluff grew back in grey and fuzzy wuzzy instead of silky it was a shock. she is a lot bigger- probably because she was living in a cage for months before i got her. she certainly has, uh, ' blossomed.'

you're going to love " the panther" aka gidget. she loves the peoples and throws herself at you. she likes to sit near every new person she meets. the lady chablis is a little shyer but she loves attention. she is currently very into sitting in the kitchen window and making the cat death grip teeth chatter noises at the rats.

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