mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

the real roots of man ray

i have a whole rant about man ray i've been meaning to post ever since i drove by what was once indigo/nightstage and it was torn down to the basement. i dj'd there. my past life is being eradicated in front of me.

anyway, i was shocked beyond belief to find this video on utube because these are scary old boston dykes i used to know. anne was way, way ahead of everyone else- the german stompy stompy industrial big brother bauhaus( the art movement not the goddamn band , gothtard) we're dressed like the monotone workers schtick still so popular today- she was doing in the late 70s. i knew them because of berlin ( in jail now- ahhh) and i knew berlin because of the original and best man ray dj, linda lawrence, who basically made man ray what it was and got absolutely no credit for it at the closing. people like those in the november group used to hang out at man ray long before chris. and long before the latter day straight people from the 'burbs who want to wear diapers in public ruined it for everyone with their disco duck tastes and drab, pedestrian fetishism poising as cool instead of pathetic honkie haus frau ennui gone broody. that and fucking sleep chamber and their goddamn pots of fucking mug wort. cheez-whiz, are we dead yet?

november group- put your back to it


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