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the real roots of man ray
i have a whole rant about man ray i've been meaning to post ever since i drove by what was once indigo/nightstage and it was torn down to the basement. i dj'd there. my past life is being eradicated in front of me.

anyway, i was shocked beyond belief to find this video on utube because these are scary old boston dykes i used to know. anne was way, way ahead of everyone else- the german stompy stompy industrial big brother bauhaus( the art movement not the goddamn band , gothtard) we're dressed like the monotone workers schtick still so popular today- she was doing in the late 70s. i knew them because of berlin ( in jail now- ahhh) and i knew berlin because of the original and best man ray dj, linda lawrence, who basically made man ray what it was and got absolutely no credit for it at the closing. people like those in the november group used to hang out at man ray long before chris. and long before the latter day straight people from the 'burbs who want to wear diapers in public ruined it for everyone with their disco duck tastes and drab, pedestrian fetishism poising as cool instead of pathetic honkie haus frau ennui gone broody. that and fucking sleep chamber and their goddamn pots of fucking mug wort. cheez-whiz, are we dead yet?

november group- put your back to it

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Wow! I had no idea they had recorded a video! I was JUST listening to this 3 days ago! In fact I was the one who submitted it to Discogs ;) Do you know what ever happened to them? They kind of remind me of Our Daughter's Wedding, another group that no one seems to remember.

It would be so great if someone could do a documentary of underground New England clubs and bands of the 80s. The only bands that seem to get mentioned are The Cars, Pixies, Mission Of Burma... There were so many forgotten bands that fell through the cracks.

I might have asked you before, but did you ever go to any of the clubs in Providence like The Rocket or another... I think it was called Zone or maybe Ozone... I forget.

(one of our daughters wedding got a huge inheritance from a family member and quit music almost immediately. i rushed out to get ' lawn chairs' the second i heard it- probably on wers.)

ann used to work for the highway department here which i always thought of as really really odd.the woman with the glasses in the video -kearny- and ann were pretty much november group and the drummer and bass player were always changing. i recall seeing them out last at the channal in the late 80s and i dont think they lasted much after that. ann lives in the mid west or Minn. now and does graphic design/ web stuff. i dont know what happened to kearny.

i was told a major record label gave them all this money to go to germany and do the ' work that dream' album so i assume the bling for the video came from that. i know they were disappointed with the album and the record company and how they were marketed and i think that was the beginning of the end for them.

the two have earlier heavier germany guitar rock stuff you might like- i like it- they were called wunderkind. ann was a pretty respectable guitar player though you dont get to hear it much in their more synthy stuff.

there were soooo many really good bands at the time- you could go out just about every night of the damn week and hear someone awesome. it's really sad to think back on it now- you dont know what youve got, right, until it's gone?

it was a tad of a hazy time for me but i do recall going to the rocket. i had a couple of friends up here for college who were from RI so we'd go down every once and awhile. we went other places i am sure but god help me if i remember the names. damn old folks.

When I settled into town, The Rocket, and The Livingroom were weekly stops for me. I saw The Chameleons, Mission, Bad Brains, Pixies, Throwing Muses, etc.. at the room. I saw more bands than I can remember at Rocket/Babyhead, including Red Temple Spirits, and Alien Sex Fiend.

Do you remember The Cage? That was the club James owned before Rocket.

This area, and music in general SUCKS now. God, I remember Rubber Rodeo being a local band, and making it on to MTV. All of the local musicians, myself included, were pretty happy for them.

I feel kind of old; get off my lawn, but I look young for my age.

Oh and a funny thing about Sleep Chamber... I remember hearing in the mid 90s that John had a job driving the T. I always imagined riding the T and hearing him whisper over the intercom "You only let me... drive the train" to the tune of "kiss the whip".

I also DJed in Providence once at a night where Sleep Chamber were booked to play. As I was DJing, someone flunkie approached me and said "Mister Zewizz would like to hear 'Finland Red, Egypt White'."

fucking cheez- whiz. his name is sean something plain and irish. oh it makes my blood boil thinking about him.

one gets sick of driving over to asshole's places and picking up your friends who have od'd. fuckin' fuckkity fuck. snort.one gets sick of trying to convince one's younger more impressionable friends that older men give you drugs so they can fuck you and sometimes make bad porn.

so much in this life to be bloody sick of.

it was the red line and it's true.

he' s now lost supposedly in a junky haze allegedly in nyc- no surprise there. he left boston after being investigated for the swedish nanny murder in the back bay- her torso was found near his apartment.i know some germany company tried to strike a deal with him to release his back catalogue and do new stuff but so far nothing has come of it. and all those little side bands- women of the ss etc etc...had to be a million little side bands.

i remember his record store in allston ....patchouli, mug wort....lord help us.

I used to think the same thing. Haha! Evidently it's true. He was a train driver.

Off on a tangent here... I should tell you about the broken Burger King drive through speaker, and how it relates to Skinny Puppy. Ahh, maybe next time. ;)

That guy in Sleep Chamber always seemed like a real tosser to me. I was dragged to one of their shows by someone I was seeing in 1990. The place smelled nice, but the band bored me. I thought their music over-rated, and somewhat annoying.

PS. I love your recent icon. Yes, the english language is dying, and I also play Scrabble. Excuse me while I kiss your powerful DJ ass. ;) Seriously though, you're a brilliant guy. Congrats on the weight loss.

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