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the audacity of mope

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I almost wrote in "feral cat colony"...:) It was tempting!

Together We Can (Hide Under the Sofa )

oh god, i know...it's the first thing i thought of as i looked down on the voting sheet at ' write in candidate'....

i'll tell you this much- nixe and farah get along with every other cat. theyre cautious and observant and enjoy affection but you can't be pushy with them. theyve never growled or hissed at me no matter how scared they have been. at heart theyre friendly but you have to prove to them that youre friendly too. trust but verify. (they now follow me around the house and sit next to me and watch tv.) they make you really look at how your actions effect those around you.theyre all about reality and caution not false hope and self aggrandizement- sounds good to me.

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