mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

raccoon kitty manifesto


after close examination of the lady chablis, particularly her rather odd raccoon tail and her huge freakin feet and the wide spacing of her ears, i've come to a startling conclusion:

she could very well be at least partially a...


[insert dramatic 'dat dah Dahhhh!' music}

it certainly would explain some of her rather un-persian looks( they called her a ' persian exotic' not a 'persian' at the shelter) and rather doggy-like behaviors that include sitting at my feet all the time and sleeping with her head propped on one of my feet or on my boots whether i have them on or off.

she s definitely a tortie- although rather more brown and black on top she does have orange splotchies with tiger stripes in them- and there are several other breeds of cat that share maine coon characteristics ( like norwegian forest cats and the siberian cat ) so it's fairly impossible to state she's definitely a maine coon without a pedigree. her coat isn't typical maine coon- it's more persian because they tend to mat up whereas the former does not. that tail is definitely not persian- that, damn it, is a raccoon tail and real persian ladies don't have giant big old donkey cat snow shoe feet.

i think i'm gonna swoon and have vapours....
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