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Filthy Whore-tie

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Ok...that is seriously fuzzy and adorable :) Does she like belly love?

she can't get enough, the little tum-tum slut. she lies in the middle of the hallway like that and you have to walk over her- she is completely fearless about showing her underside private parts. besides lolling around showing herself off she likes to sit at my feet like a dog with her chin on my foot. ive never seen a cat do that. she also cuddles up to my boots when i'm not wearing them. it's odd but really sweet.

what's scary is all the belly fur hasn't grown in completely from her fixin'. she is one fluffy miss fluffy pants. her tail is shaped like a big racoon tail-it's solid fluff not wispy like persia's or djinn's.in fact, i've never seen a tail like hers on a persian before.

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