mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" i got your number written on the back of my hand"

...or tripmaster monkey gets taken on a ride .

" The antisemites have a flag. It is sadism. I examine the little red land of actual murder that lies under this flag...

The long practised murder of Jews en masse is a safe and therefore popular expression of sadism. It is little else. Yet, it has not served to alarm our humanists. To them the murderers of Jews are never murderers. They are misguided patriots, misinformed economists, misdirected pietists. It has not yet occured to anyone to identify the German anitisemites as murderers first and politicians last.

The murder of Jews is like the stealing of nickles. It does not fix a criminal record on its perpetrators. There is too much historic, religious and legal precedent to make the murder of Jews a matter outside the humanities. Jew murder has become a crime that neither belittles its preformer nor shocks its spectator. A dead Jew remains a historic figure. He never becomes a human corpse.

The sadism behind all the libel and killing of Jews is a complicated thing. Medically the disease is identified as an instinct for cruelty. Little boys who wring the necks of rabbits have it. The Germans who wring the necks of Jews have it in its pure form. In the Germans, as in little boys, it is a sort of backwards lust. But even among the Germans the pleasures involved do not entirely come from the agony of the Jews. They come from the thrill of lawlessness which contains in it THE ILLUSION OF POWER AND FREEDOM"- A Guide For The Bedevilled-Ben Hecht

to so many this can be applied- besides the jews, that is. ben hecht is better known as a hollywood script writer from the 40s. if you know that - you are as gay as a picnic basket.

im suppose to go and read a friend's book about his holocaust surviving mother. the book is almost finished- now he is transcribing her suicide notes from yiddish into english. he tells me all sorts of things in 10 minutes that send shock waves around and through my world- torching and coloring everything. someone wants daisies on their cake- well fuck you bitch and your daisies too.

beneath the despair lurks despair.

while we tattoo and pierce and lob off our parts willy nilly some people get special distinguishing marks- researched and fake Auschwitz numbers for your arm- get them while theyre still doling out the Israel of all fucking places.

and it only gets worse after that.. of course if a wet tshirt contest was involved - well the outrage just couldnt be contained.....

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