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12 year itch
It is after careful thought and not without some sadness that I offer my resignation from xxxxxx and tend my 2 weeks notice. My decision to leave has been a very difficult one to make but changes in the company have coincided with some changes in my own personal objectives for life and career. New opportunities have arisen that I believe it is in my best interests to pursue therefore it is time for me to take my leave.

Since embarking on a program of redefining my position vis a vis xxxx makes no sense at this time, I have informed xxxx of my decision to leave the company .

I have a history of involvement with both xxxxx and xxx dating back to 1986 and 1990 respectfully. Many people here are not only valued coworkers but good friends so opting to leave has been particularly poignant and bittersweet. No one could possibly ask for a better group of people for which to work with and for than the team in the bakery. No longer working with them is the source of my greatest regret in leaving.

In order that my departure may cause the least disruption possible, I am offering to continue to help out in the bakery as xxxxx may need me and as I may be able accommodate her. I realize also that xxx may have already booked wedding cakes and I see no reason why we can't find a way for me to fulfill these orders for them if they so desire it.

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" i want to ride my bicycle/ i want to ride my bike..."

the cats want a Harley with a side car...so they can survey all the little people who live in their queendom.( persia took that Pope-mobile she got at the Vatican yard sale to the great beyond.)

i actually have a bike but it's been in the basement for years. it's blue and says " fluffy" on it with a Kiss( the band) sticker on the front.

(Deleted comment)

Re: " i want to ride my bicycle/ i want to ride my bike..."

i also recall at a time only a little later that georgina michaels was always pictured in public with some woman hanging off his arm as a sort of hetero fashion accessory...

not very convincing.

and we all know those people can't accessorize for shit.

the person who inherited freddie's estate was a woman he dated in the late 60s and was his best friend his whole life.i watched a special some time ago and she was quite articulate about it- she knew he was just in denial even when he finally came out as ' bi'. it's always the same still i think though- everyone else fucking know's except sister closet case herself.

he was from a different generation and time . everyone of my grandmother's and mom's generation knew liberace and rock hudson were gay- they just never really articulated it and the entertainment companies were powerful enough to keep things out of the paper. even boy george first said he was bi. i mean..REALLY....

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