mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

random snowy day kink

so that's one of the reasons the all black Gidget ( means ' girl midget') is part siamese. i guess she would be called an 'oriental'. she is actually almost 1 year old and as tiny as can be- i thought she was about 6 months old so it seems that Gidget fits her well. she was abandoned in New Orleans, born ,of course, after the hurricane. she was rescued by ARNO ( ) and sent north. ARNO has requested a note from whomever adopts her. they still are rescuing animals.

' the Lady Chablis' is still ' the Lady Chablis'. she reminds me so much of persia although she is darker. her medical records indicate she was living outdoors but i find it hard to believe she was feral- she's very friendly. she seems more like an abandoned house cat. she originally came from a TNR program in dartmouth called the Habitat for Cats. she is slightly skittish if you move your hand too quickly toward her or your feet pass by her too fast. both herself and gidget are table scrap hounds- they seem to want to eat just about anything so i take it they were eating garbage outdoors before they were rescued. gidget ate half a baguette yesterday.

and now theyre all getting along. that was quick. here's a little love nest enjoying the snow storm. that's farah playing ' lezBfriends' with the underaged girl midget.


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